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Our Friends

The Whoovers have excellent relations with other Doctor Who fans up and down the country, including with the national fan group, the Doctor Who Appreciation Society. DWAS can be found here. We urge all Doctor Who fans to join.

Among the Doctor Who local groups that we are in contact with are:

  • The Nottingham TARDIS Social Group;

  • The Leicester Doctor Who Group;

  • The Yorkshire Whovians (based in Leeds);

  • The Bedford Doctor Who Group;

  • Vworp, Doctor Who at the Briton’s Protection (based in Manchester);

  • The Merseyside Doctor Who Group (based in Liverpool);

  • The Mind Robbers Gloucestershire Doctor Who Group (based in Gloucester).

Most of these groups meet at least once a month and operate via Facebook pages. Please let us know if you would like us to put you into contact with any of them

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