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Whooverville 14

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The 60th Anniversary Edition! Saturday 2nd September 2023 FROM 10:00-17:30 at Quad!

So, Whooverville 14 – celebrating Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary with FOUR DOCTORS – Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Michael Jayston and Michael Troughton. (Four Doctors and counting!)

Please note that tickets for Whooverville 14 are now sold out. There is no reserve or waiting list, however you can post on here to advertise that you are interested in obtaining tickets from anyone who is interested in selling theirs. Anyone who has tickets available can also post here

Michael Troughton

Poster for Michael Troughton

We are delighted to announce that MICHAEL TROUGHTON has agreed to join us for Whooverville 14 at Derby QUAD on Saturday 2nd September.

Michael Troughton, of course, is the son of the second Doctor, Patrick Troughton; and wrote an acclaimed and very much recommended biography of his father.

He made his own Doctor Who television début in the 2014 Christmas Special, Last Christmas, playing Professor Albert.

In 2022 he took on the role of Patrick’s Doctor in a new range of full cast audio productions from Big Finish.

We look forward very much to welcoming Michael back to Whooverville in September.

Sylvester McCoy

Poster for Sylvester McCoy

We are thrilled to announce that the 7th Doctor will be joining us for the day for Whooverville 14.

Fresh from his triumphant return to Doctor Who in The Power of the Doctor, we will be welcoming the ever-popular Seventh Doctor SYLVESTER McCOY to Derby QUAD on Saturday September 2nd 2023.

The presence of a Doctor always makes Whooverville that little bit more special, and although we have worked with Sylvester before - for a Whoovers meeting in 2009 and then, more recently at Big Finish Day, this will mark his Whooverville debut, so the occasion is particularly special for us and we cannot wait to see him again.

Paul McGann

Poster for Paul McGann

We are thrilled to announce that the Eighth Doctor himself, PAUL MCGANN, will be joining us for Whooverville 14, making his Whooverville debut.

Of course Paul needs no introduction al all, taking on the role of the Doctor in the 1996 TV Movie, recreating the part for Big Finish in 2001's Storm Warning and appearing regularly, in many audio stories since then.

In 2013, as part of Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary celebrations, he brought his Doctor back to television, in the mini-episode Night of the Doctor and again reprised the role in last year's BBC Centenary Special, The Power of the Doctor.

We were delighted when Paul was able to join us last year for Big Finish Day and he signified his willingness to return for Whooverville this year.

For us, the Whoovers, it is an enormous pleasure to be bringing Paul back to Derby QUAD and at last, after many attempts to Whooverville. We cannot wait to work with him again.

The Four Doctors

Poster for The Four Doctors


Well, we thought four Doctors wasn't quite enough, so we've got three more coming to Whooverville 14 for you - three of the brilliant actors who, along with our previously announced guest MICHAEL TROUGHTON, have been recreating some of the Doctors whose original actors have left us, on audio for Big Finish.

TIM TRELOAR's interpretation of the Third Doctor has garnered great acclaim since 2015, including from many of those who worked with Jon Pertwee on television.

Beyond Doctor Who, he has appeared in TV shows such as Casualty, Lewis, The Bill, Midsomer Murders, Doctors and Russell T. Davies' Mine All Mine. You may have seen him recently, in Agatha Christie's Why Didn't They Ask Evans?

Acclaimed stage actor and accomplished mimic STEPHEN NOONAN made his debut as the Big Finish First Doctor last year, receiving great praise for his terrific take on William Hartnell's Doctor.

His other TV appearances have included roles in The Bill, The Borgias (2011) and Heartbeat.

Man of a thousand voices JONATHON CARLEY voiced the War Doctor and the Twelfth Doctor in the Doctor Who Lockdown! webcast Doctors Assemble! In 2021, he took over the role of The War Doctor for Big Finish and has delighted audiences with his extraordinarily accurate recreation of the late Sir John Hurt. Jonathon Carley

We are delighted to be welcoming Tim, Stephen and Jonathon to Whooverville and to be able to announce that Whooverville 14 is now... THE YEAR OF THE SEVEN DOCTORS

Gary Russell

Poster for Gary Russell

We are delighted to be able to say that GARY RUSSELL will be returning to Whooverville at Derby QUAD on Saturday September 2nd 2023.

Gary was the editor of Doctor Who Magazine between 1992 and 1995 and the original executive producer for Big Finish Productions from 1998 to 2006, when he stepped down to begin script editing for BBC Wales on Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures.

He has written many Doctor Who comics and novels, including The Scales of Injustice, Business Unusual, The Glamour Chase, Big Bang Generation and the novel of the TV Movie, a new edition of which came out a couple of years back as a Target Book.

In recent years he has been executive producer of one of the groups working on animations of missing Doctor Who stories, leading the team that produced several releases including Fury From the Deep, and the latest release The Abominable Snowmen.

Simon Fisher-Becker

We are delighted that our friend SIMON FISHER-BECKER is once again returning to Whooverville as a sponsored guest.

Whooverville PosterSimon played Dorium Maldovar in the Doctor Who stories The Pandorica Opens, A Good Man Goes to War, The Wedding of River Song, and for Big Finish in the Eleventh Doctor Chronicles story The Light Keepers. Also for Big Finish he played the Time Lord Science Minister Kavil in series 5 of Gallifrey; and voiced Lift in the Iris Wildthyme story A Lift in Time.

Beyond Doctor Who, he is known for appearing in the popular Harry Potter film franchise as The Fat Friar, and for playing the Fat Controller from Thomas the Tank Engine for ten years. We look forward to welcoming Simon to Whooverville 14 at Derby QUAD on Saturday 2nd September.

Simon will be at his table in our dealers' and traders' room selling copies of his books. Please remember that as a sponsored guest, Simon will charge for all autographs.

Doctor on Display

Poster for Doctor on Display

We are delighted to be able to announce that Whooverville 14 at Derby QUAD on Saturday 2nd September will feature an exclusive World Premiere screening of a new release from Reeltime Pictures.

The Doctor on Display: Blackpool 2004-2009 tells you everything you need to know about the second Blackpool Doctor Who Exhibition and features previously unseen footage of the fondly-remembered attraction and its owner David Boyle, together with reminiscences by those who were behind the exhibition and the fans who visited.

Our premiere presentation will be introduced by the man behind Reeltime Pictures Keith Barnfather and the DVD will be available to buy throughout the day at a special price, from the Reeltime stall.

And don't forget that, at no extra cost, as part of our programme during the day, we will be presenting MYTH MAKERS 3, your chance to watch two future Myth Makers releases being filmed, during which Sylvester McCoy will be interviewed by Sophie Aldred and Sophie will be interviewed by Sylvester.

DVD Cover

Sophie Aldred

Whooverville Poster - Sophie Aldred

Fresh from her barnstorming performance in the Doctor Who special, The Power of the Doctor, our old friend, the terrific SOPHIE ALDRED will be joining us for Whooverville 14 on Saturday 2nd September 2023. We can't wait to welcome Sophie back to Derby QUAD once again.

Matthew Waterhouse

Whooverville Poster - Matthew Waterhouse

MATTHEW WATERHOUSE has been kind enough to agree to join us for the day at Derby QUAD on 2nd September 2023.

Matthew, of course, is best known for playing the teenage mathematician Adric in two seasons of Doctor Who, opposite both the Fourth and Fifth Doctors; and was the youngest companion in the history of the series.

In the years since, he has continued to work extensively as an actor, in theatre and in the ongoing Big Finish Doctor Who audio plays, as well as in episodes of the highly acclaimed Dark Shadows audios which continue the American gothic TV serial.

He is also the author of five books, including his Doctor Who memoir, ‘Blue Box Boy’ and a well-received collection of stories, SUGAR.

For Big Finish he has written a Dark Shadows audio play, a Doctor Who Companion Chronicles story and a Doctor Who audio novel.

Michael Jayston

Whooverville Poster - Michael Jayston

We are thrilled to be able to announce that we will be welcoming another old friend and a very special actor to Whooverville 14. MICHAEL JAYSTON has been kind enough to agree to join us for the day.

Michael delighted everyone with his fascinating stories and friendly, approachable manner when he was our guest at Whooverville 8.

He was born in 1935 in Nottingham and trained as an accountant before deciding to pursue a career in acting. He went on to perform in many theatre, television and film roles including Peter Guillam in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre and Tsar Nicholas in the film Nicholas and Alexandra. Of course, he is best known to us as the evil future incarnation of the Doctor, The Valeyard, in The Trial of a Time Lord season of Doctor Who.

James and his Monsters

Poster for James Monsters

We are very pleased to announce that our friend James Burgess, "James and his Monsters" will once again be with us at Whooverville 14, showcasing his incredible monster and costume reproductions and recreations. If you have seen James' work before, you'll know just what a fantastic job he does. If his work is new to you, you are in for a treat.

Many thanks James for accepting our invitation to bring your special contribution to our event.

See James' Facebook Page here

Whooverville 14 - A Special Bonus AnnouncementDVD Cover

We are delighted to announce a special bonus for attendees at Whooverville 14 at Derby QUAD on Saturday September 2nd. Each ticket holder will be offered a free copy of a special DVD release from Reeltime Pictures.


This is the definitive set of interviews with the team who brought the SYLVESTER McCOY era of DOCTOR WHO to life! These six documentaries are the best in-depth interviews with SYLVESTER McCOY (the Seventh Doctor), SOPHIE ALDRED (Ace), ANGELA BRUCE (Brigadier Bambera), JESSICA MARTIN (Mags), LISA BOWERMAN (Bernice Summerfield) and Script Editor ANDREW CARTMEL ever undertaken!

Presented by ROBERT DICK, “voice of the Daleks” NICHOLAS BRIGGS and “Ace” SOPHIE ALDRED. For all DOCTOR Who fans, this 2 DISC special collector’s edition is 5 hours of pure nostalgia, which will give you a whole new insight into the making of your favourite science fiction series! SPECIAL FEATURE: Introduction by SOPHIE ALDRED and Producer KEITH BARNFATHER

Our thanks go to our friend Keith Barnfather for this extraordinarily generous gesture and for his support of Whooverville.

George Coppen

Poster for George Coppen

As a bit of a bonus, we have another Sponsored Guest to announce today - and one who is rather special to us.

We are immensely proud to announce that actor and comedian George Coppen will be joining us, selling photos and autographs.

Now, as you know, at Whooverville we usually confine ourselves to Doctor Who guests - and as yet, George hasn't appeared in Doctor Who. However, we have made an exception, because George is a good friend of ours and a regular Whooverville attendee, whom we have known since he was a boy.

George has become a successful performer, best known for appearing as Cupid in the Netflix film 'The School for Good and Evil' (2022), the 3rd season of the hit Netflix series 'The Witcher' (2023) and the Disney plus series 'Willow' (2022).

We had a suspicion that we would be inviting George as a guest to Whooverville one of these days, and we are very pleased to have him appearing at Whooverville 14 - one of our very own, doing very well for himself.

Edward Peel - Cygnus Alpha Guest

Poster for edward Peel

"At last. After three thousand years, the Dragonfire shall be mine!”

Cygnusalpha can announce that they are taking actor Edward Peel to Whooverville in September.

They are also offering an autograph send in service for Edward

Full details of the send in/preorder service for Edward Peel only can be found Here…

Please do not contact Whooverville, The Whoovers or QUAD about this.

Karen Clegg - Cygnus Alpha Guest

Poster for Karen Clegg

“I don't want to harm him.”

Cygnus Alpha's final sponsored guest for Whooverville 14 at The Quad, Derby on 2nd Sept is actress Karen Clegg.

Karen played Sarn in Time and The Rani.

Cant make the event? You can purchase autographs via Cygnus Alpha's send in service… Here

Please do not contact Whooverville, The Whoovers or QUAD about this.

Sonny McGann

Poster for Sonny MsGann

We have another Whooverville 14 sponsored guest to announce.

SONNY MCGANN has played a number of roles in the Big Finish Doctor Who audios, most notably that of the Doctor's great-grandson Alex, alongside his real-life father Paul McGann.

In 2017, Sonny made his film debut in Perplexed Music, a short film starring his father and written and directed by his uncle, Mark McGann.

We are looking forward to meeting Sonny, and to welcoming him to Whooverville.

Please remember, that as a sponsored guest, Sonny may charge for all autographs.

TELOS Publishing

Poster for TELOS Publishing

We are pleased to announce that our friend David J. Howe of Telos Books will be bringing the authors of three of their most recent, highly acclaimed books to Whooverville, for a special signing event.

Daryl Joyce, the acclaimed artist behind The Illustrated Journey; Alistair McGown, whose The Fanzine Book is receiving rave reviews; and our very own Andrew-Mark Thompson, whose terrific This Is A Fake has been delighting readers this summer will all be in attendance.

Copies of all three books will be on sale and the authors will be available to sign them. If you have already bought any of the books, bring them along to be signed too. In addition to signing This Is A Fake, Andrew-Mark will be manning his own stall throughout the day, selling his usual postcards and prints, and David will be selling a range of Telos books from his stall.

Whooverville 14 Eve

Poster for Doctor Who and The Daleks

We are delighted to be able to announce that as part of our Whooverville Eve entertainment, QUAD will once again be presenting a special showing of a Doctor Who-related film. Last year's screening of Daleks Invasion Earth: 2150A.D. proved so popular that it seemed only logical, in a time-wimey sort of way, to choose Peter Cushing's first appearance as Doctor Who for this year's film.

Doctor Who and the Daleks will be shown at 18.30 on Friday 1st September, with a repeat screening on Sunday 3rd September at 16.25. We hope to announce a special introduction for that first screening soon.

The film is live on the QUAD website Here

Entry to this special showing is not covered by your Whooverville ticket and the screening is open to all members of the public. Standard Tickets are £10, with all the usual discounts available, but if you book your tickets over the phone and quote 'Whooverville' to box office staff, you can buy your tickets at a special price of only £5.

That special offer price is available to anyone, whether they are Whooverville 14 ticket holders or not.

Staffordshire TARDIS

Staffordshire TARDIS

It's impossible to imagine Whooverville without Richard Voisey Glad to report that this year, he will once again be joining us with his Staffordshire TARDIS and will be ready for your photo opps in the foyer at QUAD. Staffordshire TARDIS Thanks once again for your support of our event Richard (and dad Chris).

Daisy the Dalek

Daisy the Dalek

Glad to report that Martyn Chambers and his friend Daisy the Dalek will be with us at Whooverville 14. Good to have you both back, Martyn.

Photo Studio

Photo Studio

We are delighted to announce that our photo studio at Whooverville 14 will once again be in the hands of the best convention photographer around, @RobinTTL our friend Robin Prichard (pictured at Big Finish Day a few years back with the Paternoster Gang).

Robin will be charging £15 for a single (one guest) photograph; £20 for a double or £25 for a group.

Looking forward to welcoming you back to QUAD Robin, thanks for your continued support of our events, it's always a pleasure to have you on board.

Cosplay Competition

Photo Studio

Whooverville 15

Poster for Whoverville 15

Some very exciting news. We can now announce that Whooverville 15, next year, will as usual take place on the Saturday after the August Bank Holiday weekend. So, the date for your diaries for 2024 is Saturday 31st August.

Tickets are on sale now from Quad - go Here

Remember, Whooverville 14 sold out and we know that some people were disappointed, so act fast to secure your place. And don't forget to look out for guest announcements over the coming weeks and months.

We'll look forward to seeing you next August.

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